About Eds Aircraft

Aviation Consumer
Ed’s Aircraft Refinishing, owned and operated by Ed Yezarski has been a fixture at Brookhaven for over twenty years and has grown quite a reputation for quality work and on time delivery. Rated one of the top five aviation paint shops in the country in the December 2006 issue of “The Aviation Consumer Magazine” Its was also named one of the top three paint shops in the Northeast by Schemedesigners.com referral list.

Ed and his team are experienced in all aspects of aircraft refinishing from sheet metal work, upholstery and interior work, speed and fuel tank modifications, glass work as well as custom paint, graphics and sign shop. They can even disassemble and crate your aircraft for export.


Ed, a self described aviation enthusiast, grew up around airports following his father around who spent his entire lifetime in aviation. Ed began the business in a small T-hanger across the field from where his operation is situated today, They have grown from those humble beginnings to an operation with two full sized hangers housing the prep shop and the paint shop and storage.

Ed has grown the business on the old fashioned values of quality not quantity. He backs up that statement with a solid three year warranty on his work, his warranty is a full year longer than most other shops and he prides himself on the quality of service and expert craftsmanship of his team. The wall of letters in his office from satisfied customers as well as the many features in aviation magazines around the country are testament to his work as well.

Ed Aircraft Refinishing has clients that come from all over the country to have him do work on their planes. At Northeast airpark we are lucky enough to have him right at our field. Stop by the office to say hello and discuss how he can keep you plane looking great and flying safely for years to come.

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